Project Description

A Winter adventure to Remember

Some of natures most spectacular wonders gathered all in one place at the same time

Whale Watching and Northern Light Hunting between the snow covered mountains of the Arctic while living comfortably in the middle of it all.


Tromsø is situated in the centre of “The Arctic Norway” and is the perfect starting point for experiencing the wild and authentic nature of the north. We in Boreal Yachting would like to take you on an unforgettable experience.
We fill the day with activities such as sailing, whale watching, dog sledding, horse riding, and snow shoeing or more relaxed alternatives such as enjoying hot tubs, saunas and Whiskey tasting. During the evening and night we fall back to the calmness and quietness of the nature observing the majestic Northern Light flickering over the sky. All trips will planned and tailored to suit the guests on board.
During dark season in the winter the sun does not come up over the horizon, but filles the sky with beautiful lights as a never ending sunrise and gives pitch black nights perfect for hunting the Aurora Borealis, the northern light.


  • Warm and comfortable living on board a modern sail yacht

  • Accommodation is two berth cabin

  • Certified skipper with local knowledge

  • Expert guides on dedicated tours

  • High quality local fresh food prepared on board and non alcoholic beverages

  • Snack and hot/cold beverages as we go

  • Warm sailing suit

  • All running costs included

  • From one night to weeklong tours


during the winter season as the fjords around Tromsø are visited by numerous whales feeding on herring and other fish. Scientists estimated the number of humpback whales in the Tromsø area to be more than one thousand. Orcas are a sure sight when the herring has arrived and are also gathering in enormous numbers, hunting together for a tasty and easy meal.

In a sail yacht you can get incredibly close to these fantastic animals using sails instead of engine, and they are practically only one arm length away. Whales are curious creatures and will often come and say hello as they see the yacht as a potential new “buddy”.

We take great pride in not interfering with the whales in their daily life and habitat. The whales comfort is our main priority so we don’t disturb them with engine noise or fuel spill.


has naturally been subject to many myths and superstitions through history. It features prominently in Norse mythology, as well as in old Inuit folklore and Chinese and Japanese beliefs. To see the Northern Lights is a spectacular experience. Tromsø is located in the middle of the Northern Lights zone and our sailboats are the perfect place to get a closer look without the light pollution in the city centre.

Each appearance of the northern lights is unique. Often you see three green bands across the night sky. Or the lights come as flickering curtains or rolling smoke. The colour is a luminous green, often with a hint of pink along the edge, and occasionally with a deep violet centre. If there is a lot of activity up there, the northern lights explode for a minute or two in a corona. The next minute it is all over, only to appear moments later again.

Read More about the science behind the Aurora Borealis – the magical green northern light

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October – February
The Northern Light is always active in the northern hemisfare, but is visible first in the darkness of night which comes in October and lasts until March. The Whales usually comes in October and stays until end of January.


Our goal is to let our guests experiencing the local culture and eat high quality local food. All meals are prepared and served on board with exceptions when come over local restaurants in the area. We can also prepare for a special diet on request.


A safe and enjoyable trip is crucial for us. All our skippers are commercially certified and crew undergo extensive training. On dedicated trips we bring with us specialized guides and/or a photographer teaching you how to capture the lights.


When traveling with small groups we are able to specialize the trip to meet your specific needs and wishes.  Let us know what you want out of your stay with us and we’ll make it happen.


This is a trip for anyone who are interested in the wonders of nature, and does not require any pre-sailing experience. However you might learn a thing or two about sailing during your stay.


We very seldom experience sea sickness on board. Trips will be planned according to weather and conditions so that everybody have a pleasurable time. We also have sea sickness medication for the unfortunate one. It usually tears of quickly.


Sail Catamaran – the floating hotel

On a sail catamaran you will find a 12 square meter salon with a 360 degrees view of the surrounding. Here you can enjoy the scenery from inside, warm and comfortable. If you want to go outside to really feel the elements you can either choose from the large sheltered seating area in the back or spending time on the well known catamaran net in front. The yacht have a fully equipped kitchen where the most delicate dishes are made. The yacht has 4 cabins with double berths and bathroom with shower facilities. It also have one crew cabins in each hulls.

What our guests say about us:

Went on a day whale watching trip with a family of 5 ages 22-60. Was an amazing experience and day. It felt very intimate and we were glad we didn’t pick one of the bigger boat trips as the catamaran was able to get closer to the whales than the engine boats. The boat was lovely condition, we were provided with lifejackets and given a safety talk and required to clip a safety line onto a wire when walking around the front/ side of the boats which helped ease any nervousness of my mother who was worried about being in a smaller boat, you could also watch from the inside or the rear of the boat which was full windows and perfect for warm viewing. She finished loving the trip and was happy she agreed to the catamaran over a larger boat tour. We were given fruit, biscuits, fruitloaf and brown cheese and endless drinks for snacks along with freshly prepared soup with bread (a lovely cliff fish soup for the meat eaters and as we had two veggies they were given a lovely vegetable soup) we were so grateful to Ivar and his assistant for their hospitality. The boat journey itself was amazing and the views spectacular and we were lucky enough to see a lot of humpbacks breaching and swimming near the boat, though we knew that there was never a guarantee of seeing any whales.  It was a lovely, intimate experience that we will never forget and I would happily repeat it and would recommend this strongly to anyone going to tromso!

Liz J., TripAdvisor


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