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Wonderful Wild Svalbard

One of the most exclusive skiing destinations in the entire world

Close to the North Pole you find the cluster of islands called Svalbard.
Only a few people has had the opportunity to go skiing here, you can be the next.


Svalbard has a long history of whaling and hunting and has always had a very important political role between the lands of the north so you will find all sorts of interesting stories around on this island. It is also one of the most exciting and exclusive skiing destinations in the world and quite different from almost everything else.
As opposed to the coast of the Norway mainland, where the weather systems from the Atlantic is prevailing, the weather systems at Svalbard comes from east and are much “dryer”. Svalbard is covered with glaciers, however these are often “cold glaciers” meaning that the stability and accessibility is good for skiing during springtime. You can climb summits with amazing views and e​njoy the freedom in untouched snow and off-piste back to your yacht. The summits within reasonable reach are up to 1000m and offers a variety of possibilities and different degrees of challenges so you will always find a summit that fits your personal ambitions and experience level.


  • Warm and comfortable living on board a modern sail yacht

  • Accommodation is two berth cabin

  • Certified skipper with local knowledge

  • High quality local fresh food prepared on board and non alcoholic beverages

  • Snack and hot/cold beverages as we go

  • All running costs included

  • Weeklong tours or according to request

There are almost twice as many polar bears as people, and you will find walruses, foxes and much more animal life during your stay.  We visit historical places and experience nature at its wildest sailing between glaciers and enormous floating icebergs.

Boreal Yachting have been operating on Svalbard with sailing vessels for a number of years. We are a part of AECO with the main goal to preserve and protect the vulnerable arctic in a sustainable way which allows us to still enjoy the wilderness and wildlife undisturbed. We hope and belive we are well acknowledged in the marked and among the locals as a company that takes our guests wellbeing and safety at the highest level. Our aim is to let our guests experience the wonderful wilderness in a authentic and intimate way with small groups and well educated skippers.

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With summits up to 1000 meters, you find an endless variety of challenges.


We have arranged sail expeditions on Svalbard for over a decade. Our knowledge will ensure you the trip of a lifetime.


The skiing season on Svalbard is short with only 6 – 8 weeks of skiing where the snow conditions are good and water is open. We start in the beginning of May and end in midle of June.


Food supply on Svalbard can be limited, especially fresh ingredients, however it will not prevent us from serving high quality courses based on the best available supplies. All meals are prepared and served on board.


When traveling with small groups we are able to specialize the trip to meed your specific needs and wishes.  Let us know what you want out of your stay with us and we’ll make it happen.


All our skippers are commercially certified and crew undergo extensive training in order to give you a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride. All our Svalbard skippers have additional training especially for sailing in arctic waters.


We value your safety at the highest and therefor all groups must be accompanied by a certified guide (UIAGM i.e.). We are happy to arrange a local  experienced and certified guide if the group does not arrange for one them selvs.


There are 3600 polar bears on Svalbard and they do provide an extensive risk. All groups must, whenever on land, have a minimum of one weapon with them. The guide must be well trained and well experienced in handling a firearm in advance of the expedition.

A place of history

Svalbard has a long history of hunting, reserarching and is the natural starting point for any arctic expedition. You will still find the remains of this vast past around the islands.

All historical sites are protected and nothing must be changed or removed, however you are  welcome to visit and take pictures.


A sail yacht especially designed and equipped for Arctic waters and conditions, and still has all facilities for comfortable living.

Ovni 455 – Aleiga

Aleiga is a 45.5 feet aluminium yacht with raising centerboard. Onboard you will find 4 double cabins, 2 of them with single berths. A boat of highest quality fully equipped for the arctic elements that awaits.

On the sail yacht you are safe from the wild animals, such as polar bears and walruses, which can be a challenge when sleeping on land.

Epic week of powder during our ski tour and sail charter

Thanks for everything!!!! We chartered the Arctic Ice for a week with boreal yachting, a 2012 Delphia 47′ sailboat. Boreal arranged for a great ski guide that traveled with us.
There was amazing skiing peak after peak after peak in the lyngen alps. Ski touring started from quaint harbor villages and from the barren shore on a dingy. We also had Boreal cater the food. Fully stocked fridge with local salmon and even a night of reindeer cooked on board. After epic days of powder skiing we also caught the northern lights. This was a trip to remember.
Whatever you can dream up Boreal Yachting will make every effort to deliver!

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