Project Description

Hiking in Lyngen Alps

Spend a week at one of the best hiking destinations in the World

Prominent mountains, massive glaciers and mesmerizing landscapes
makes Lyngen Alps the perfect destination for exploring nature by hiking.
A wide range of activities are possible in these fascinating surroundings, at any time of the year.

Hiking- a walk in paradise

For some, it is the forest, the trees, the unique landscapes; the excitement of seeing wildlife in a natural habitat or the challenge to conquer new peaks; for others, it is the calmness and peacefulness of the surroundings and the great benefits for body and mind. All in one, a tremendous experience admiring the majestic mountains and enjoying the greatness of nature.
Hiking is a wonderful activity for groups, giving many the possibility to interact, meet new people, socialize or simply spend more time with the close ones, while getting a better insight into the Nordic life style. Adapting to the group is the key to a successful tour, therefore each trip is planned and structured according to the group`s wishes, shape and condition, or preferences.


  • Warm and comfortable living on board a modern sail yacht

  • Accommodation is two berth cabin

  • Certified skipper with local knowledge

  • High quality local fresh food prepared on board and non alcoholic beverages

  • Snack and hot/cold beverages as we go

  • All running costs included

  • Weeklong tours or on demand

Modern, well equipped yachts
Comfortable living onboard
Guaranteed lunch with a view
Arctic wildlife and wilderness
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A suggested one week tour

The hiking days are easy and itinerary will vary depending on your condition, preferances and the weather of course.
Each day we walk really around 5 hours, for a 6 or 7 hours on the terrain.
We stop some times to relax, take pictures, explain the nature, life in these arctic mountains, we take the time to make a fire.
We will also have plenty of time to enjoy the arctic life style and discover the life of the nordic people as well.
-Rørneshytta, and Rørnestinden (summit will depend on shape and condition of hikers, in winter, not safe on snowshoes).
-Steindalen, and glacier.
-Rottenvik lake and glacier, and Fasltastinden (summit will depend on shape and condition of hikers, in winter, not safe on snowshoes).
-HIking around Kåfjord, and Guolasjavri lake, maybe Halti (summit will depend on shape and condition of hikers, in winter, not safe on snowshoes).
-Russelv (summit or a hike in the valley)
Every night, we go out for chasing northenlights, and we adapt with weather and solar activity.




The hiking season in Tromsø is practically all year round. The summer nights are long, fall brings with it beautiful colors and in the winter we reach our destinations with snowshoes.


Our goal is to let our guests experiencing the local culture and eat high quality local food. All meals are prepared and served on board with exceptions when come over local restaurants in the area. We can also prepare for a special diet on request.


When traveling with small groups we are able to specialize the trip to meed your specific needs and wishes.  Let us know what you want out of your stay with us and we’ll make it happen.


All our skippers are commercially certified and crew undergo extensive training in order to give you a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride. All our Svalbard skippers have additional training especially for sailing in arctic waters.


Jean-Noël Herranz is your mountain guide and will always be bringing with him his camera.
You can see some of his magical work at


Apart from good shoes; bring your camera, make sure you have fully loaded batteries and plenty of store space. You will need it.

Jean Noël Herranz
Photographer and hiking guide.

Jean Noël has been photographing since 1992.
Shooting for snowboarders team, and reported from cold -or very cold places: Baffin Island (Canada), Spitsbergen (Norway), Mexican volcanoes and more than 5000m glaciers. He has also been trekking around and on Mount Kenya, visited Kilimanjaro, 4 wheels drive expedition in Sahara and climbing in the Sultanate of Oman, socio-cultural in Uruguay.

Travel remains the basis of what drives him. Being an all season mountain hiking guide he organize trekking tours and photo workshops in these regions, especially in Northern Norway; “I enjoy to share the special moments that occurs in the nature with the hikers, we talk about wildlife, photography and nature around a cup of coffee. This will be some exceptional days, hiking between fjord, taiga, tundra, and under the aurora borealis.”

If you wish, you will return with your very own photo report. 


For personal support contact us at or message us below