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Office address: Eidkjosen, 9100 Kvaløysletta
Mail address: Postboks 4107 Kvaløysletta, 9280 Tromsø



Espen Bertelsen
Espen BertelsenCEO
Phone: +47 950 67 201
Mail: espen@boreal-yachting.com
Ivar Bertelsen
Ivar BertelsenOwner
Phone: +47 993 81 360
Mail: ivar@boreal-yachting.com
Mariana Tornedal
Mariana Tornedal Booking Manager
Phone: +47 462 82 660
Mail: mariana@boreal-yachting.com
Linas Pocius
Linas PociusService Manager and Base Manager Tromsø
Phone: +47 965 07 899
Mail: linas@boreal-yachting.com
Iselin Kvaale
Iselin KvaaleMarketing Manager
Phone: +47 952 01696
Mail: iselin@boreal-yachting.com
Knut Granås
Knut GranåsBase Manager Svolvær
Phone: +47 476 36 520
Mail: knut@boreal-yachting.com


Ivar, are you crazy? You can’t do that!

In 2004 Ivar and Emely Bertelsen bought their first sail yacht. They wanted to sail together with friends, family and everyone that would like to join. Their wish was to share the wonders of the arctic nature and let people experience the Northern Norway in the best possible way, the authentic way, the sea way. One boat led to another, other private yachts was incorporated, the demand increased and Ivar said loud and clear:
I wan’t to make Northern Norway the next new sailing destination (-and concur the world).

Few thought it could be done, even fewer thought it would be done.

This year Boreal Yachting is having its 15 years anniversary and we are proud to say we feel highly regarded among all our customers. Last year Boreal Yachting facilitated more than 10.000 guest nights in our yachts. Boreal Yachting provides adventuress journeys based on a combination of marine and land based activities in Northern Norway. The area is spectacular and the geography makes it perfect for sailing. We offer sailing adventures all year round with activities suitable for the different seasons and conditions. We have a fleet of 13 modern sail yachts enabling adventures all year around. We operate out of Tromsø at 69 degrees North, and during the summer we have an additional base in Lofoten and in Longyearbyen on Svalbard.

Boreal Yachting have been operating on Svalbard with sailing vessels for a number of years. We are a part of AECO with the main goal to preserve and protect the vulnerable arctic in a sustainable way which allows us to still enjoy the wilderness and wildlife undisturbed. We hope and belive we are well acknowledged in the marked and among the locals as a company that takes our guests wellbeing and safety at the highest level. Our aim is to let our guests experience the wonderful wilderness in a authentic and intimate way with small groups and well educated skippers.We would like to invite you to our paradise; Lofoten, Lyngen, North Cape and Svalbard.

As devoted sailors we want to share adventures as well as experiences in arctic sailing with you. The sailors we meet here are very passionate and careful people which reflect the stunning surroundings. We want to share our local knowledge as well as our high quality and comfortable boats, specially equipped for sailing in arctic waters.