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Hunting trails from the sea

Sail & Mountainbiking

The islands and mountains around Tromsø are worlds famous among of track skiers and in the randonee community. These islands are also the perfect starting point during summer and fall when you can explore the tracks on your mountain bike.

One of the key aspects that makes bike and sail so attractive is that the boat makes it possible to reach terrain that would be very difficult to reach by other means. When you’re on a mountain bike, pristine terrain is a huge bonus, but the number one requirement is a good trail. Troms fylke is not exactly crowded with people, so most of the islands are still truly wild, in the sense that you will most likely find one hut and probably some sheep, but will you find a trail?
Norwegians are very fond of walking up and down mountains. They do it regardless of weather, so given the population density, you are much more likely to find a trail here than any other place in the world. But still, on the remote islands, most trails will likely be made by either sheep, reindeer, or simply not exist.
Traveling by boat makes it possible to ride a set of mountains that would be almost impossible to combine if you were to drive a car there. Going places by car in Norway takes forever as you have to drive around both mountains and fjords. There is a reason that most people traveled by boat in the old days. In addition, living on a boat, and sailing the Arctic sea, is a dream in itself. Finally, the trails are out there.


  • Warm and comfortable living on board a modern sail yacht

  • Accommodation is two berth cabin

  • Certified skipper with local knowledge

  • Local, experienced guides

  • High quality local fresh food prepared on board and non alcoholic beverages

  • Snack and hot/cold beverages as we go

  • All running costs included

  • Weeklong tours starting on Saturdays or tailor-made shorter or longer trips

  • Airport pick up / drop of on demand

Modern and well equipped yachts
Comfortable living
Home made cuisine
New destinations every day
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For each day that pass the sun rise higher and daylight lasts longer. Early in season you can ski under the northern light, while later you can ski longer in the sunlight. The snow conditions are best in March and April with fresh powder almost every day.


All our skippers are commercially certified and crew undergo extensive training in order to give you a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride.


Our goal is to let our guests experiencing the local culture and eat high quality local food. All meals are prepared and served on board with exceptions when come over local restaurants in the area. We can also prepare for a special diet on request.


When traveling with small groups we are able to specialize the trip to meed your specific needs and wishes.  Let us know what you want out of your stay with us and we’ll make it happen.


A locally known guide is important to find the best routes. We are happy to provide or set you in contact with some of the best and most experienced guides in Tromsø and surroundings.


We recommend renting bikes and gear from Tromsø Outdoor located in Tromsø City Centrum. With lots to choose from and a well educated staff they will help you with the equipment you need.

Sail Catamaran – the floating hotel

On a sail catamaran you will find a 12 square meter salon with a 360 degrees view of the surrounding. Here you can enjoy the scenery from inside, warm and comfortable. If you want to go outside to really feel the elements you can either choose from the large sheltered seating area in the back or spending time on the well known catamaran net in front. The yacht have a fully equipped kitchen where the most delicate dishes are made. The yacht has 4 cabins with double berths and bathroom with shower facilities. It also have one crew cabins in each hulls.

I had a blast during my weekend on the boat. We spent the days climbing and riding, and the evenings eating fantastic food, playing games and listening to our captain’s old stories from the sea. I slept like a baby, rocked to sleep by gentle waves.

Andrea, The Hungry Hen


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