An example route for two weeks tour to Liefdefjorden

Week1  Sailing Route Activity Week2 Sailing Route Activity
Day 1 Embarking the yacht in Longyearbyen

Set-off For Trygghamna

Get familiar with the yacht and practical information.

Security briefing

Day 8 Alicehamna – Raudfjord Good harbour in a spectacular fjord
Day 2 Sailing up Forlandsundet to 14.Juli Bukta Visit the bird mountain, and beautiful glacier fronts.

Watching for walruses

Day 9 Signehavna

Lillehöökfjord & Krossfjord

Trekking or mountain climbing.

Visit the Lillehöök glacier

Visit Lloyds hotel

Day 3 Magdalenafjord Trekking trip to one of the glaciers

Visit Graveneset to view ancient graveyard

Day 10 Blomstrandbukta Trekking; Traversing the mountain to New London
Day 4 Virgohamna Visit the famous place where Andrè
set of with his balloon trip attempting to cross the north pole
Day 11 Peirsonhamna Exploring the place
Day 5 Sallyhamna The largest whale station in the 1600 Day 12 Ny Ålesund Visit the “town”
Day 6 Liefdefjord A very beautiful fjord that deserves time.
Trekking to Texas Bar
Exploring the Monaco glacier
Day 13 Farmhamna Last stop before we reach civilisation
Day 7 Mushamna -Woodfjorden Visit the surroundings, including a modern trappers hut Day 14 Longyearbyen Celebration