Spitsbergen and Svalbard -the ultimate dream

Right in the middle of the Arctic Sea, between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole, you will find a special gathering of islands; Svalbard. The only natural way to move around in the Svalbard and Spitsbergen islands is the sea way. Boreal Yachting has therefore equipped 4 of our sailing yachts specially for Svalbard expeditions.

Crossing the Norwegian Sea / Barents Sea as well as sailing in the Svalbard region requires that the crew, skipper and yacht are well prepared. With many years of experience from sailing in the region, we welcome you to experience this fantastic arctic area. In addition, we help you to plan and organise for a safe and secure trip on an individual basis.

 You will experience the rich bird- and animal life, combined with enormous glaciers and stunning scenery of Svalbard. This is a dream for all nature lovers and photographers. The geological history of Svalbard can be read in every mountain we pass and reminders of ancient creatures like Predator X and historical elements for the last 400 years can be found over the whole archipelago.

We spend much time a shore. Polar bear is a natural part of the habitat in the Arctic, and we, as human beings need to accept that we are guest on their land and behave accordingly. The guide will ensure that you are safe during land expeditions and the skipper will take you safely throughout the sea journey. Sleeping on the sailing yacht eliminates the risk of a hungry visitor during night.

 Food is one of the most important feel good factors. During the trip, we prepare high quality courses based on the best available supplies. And maybe the skipper has paid a visit to one of Europe's best wine cellars that just happen to be in one of the many mines of Longyearbyen.The Norwegian chef Adolf Lindstrøm was considered to be an important success factor for Arctic expeditions around 1900.
Boreal Yachting proudly maintains this tradition.

Our mantra is "Smaller groups, bigger experience".

We take on board up to 6 guests per sailing yacht and we are flexible to take into account personal interests and external sceneries. It gives us excellent opportunities to enjoy wildlife and visit places where the larger boats cannot go. The yachts serve as a base camp for hiking trips, for observation of mammals and birds.

Each trip is planned in close collaboration with our guests.

Location and history
Svalbard is an island in the middle of the sea, close to the north pole. There is only one city there; Longyearbyen with 2000 settlers. In addition you have Barentsburg, a russian mining city with 450 miners and Ny Ålesund, a research station with around 130 scientist (30 during winter). This is the wilderness and number of people are exceeded by the number of polar bears. Svalbard has a long history of whaling and hunting and has always had a very important political role between the lands of the north so you will find all sorts of interesting stories around on this island. This also means that there are strict rules on where you can go and how you must behave in this historical landscape.

Ski and sail: May & June // Summer sailing: June - October

The Yachts:
The sailing yacht is your home and we comfortably sail to new destinations every day. Along the way we watch out for whales, walruses, polar bears and the extraordinary rich bird life and stop at interesting places. The skipper & guide will plan the journey together with you.

For these expeditions we will be using either a 45 feet aluminum sailing yacht with 4 cabins or Delphia 47 with 5 cabins. Both with all required equipment. The yacht is comfortable and "polar bear safe" and will accomodate 8 people in total, including skipper and guide. This means that there is only 6 berths avalible for guests. The saloon has comfortable seating for all, and all meals are prepared and served on board.

Skipper and Guide
Our skippers and guides has unique knowledge of the area and will be able to take your guests to breathtaking locations, secret hideaways and historical places.

You might see polar bears, walruses, foxes and much more animal life during your stay. A guide should have the local knowledge of the area and take all measurements for a safe and pleasurable tour. There is also the safety on land that must be taken into consideration. Guide will need to know how to handle weapons in demanding situations. There are around 3600 polar bears on Svalbard and they do provide an extensive risk whenever on shore. The skipper will not be able to leave ship so guide is also responsible for dinghy handling when going to shore.

The airport on Longyearbyen is the only way in/out except for by boat. The airport is a 5 minute drive from the city, there is no trains and no roads other than the ones in direct connection to the city. This means that the trip will be planned with regard to how long you can stay on board. On and off in Longyearbyen. We do not have transport service in Longyearbyen, but there are numerous taxis and short distances between airport / marina / city.

Bare boat
Due to local regulations and safety reasons we do not offer bare boat charters at Svalbard.

Svalbard Ski & Sail in the Arctic

During end of May/beginning of June we organise ski&sail trips out of Longyearbyen. This trips is one week trips to the west part of Spitsbergen, especially the mountains on Prins Karls Forland, Kongsfjorden and St. Johnsfjorden.

Ski& Sail trips are guided by an experienced and internationally authorised ski guide.

Maximum 6 guests per yacht

Find more detailed information on our ski & sail tours>>

We arrange

  • Comfortable, modern yacht
  • Experienced skipper and guide with local knowledge
  • High quality local fresh food prepared on board and beverages (not alcohol)
  • Fuel, gas, and harbor fees
  • Bed linen & Towels
  • Extensive security equipment
  • Rifle and other polar bear protection equipment
  • SAR insurance (search and rescue insurance) for the area you want to visit