Svalbard’s wildlife is characterized by it consisting of a few and special species of birds and mammals compared to more temperate regions. Although the diversity is limited, many of the species appear in large numbers. Most notably for some species of seabirds during summer when all migratory birds are present, the species breed and there is a violent bird life, both on the sea and up in the bird cliffs and out on the islands. The contrast to winter is enormous where only the most hardy species such as Svalbard reindeer, polar bears, Svalbard ripples and mountain foxes are to be seen.

The animals living at Svalbard are highly adapted to the demanding environment and are specifically vulnerable for climate changes and the impact of human presence. Boreal Yachting has a ZERO trace policy when traveling around Svalbard, not interfering or disturbing with the wildlife and not leaving any traces. This does not mean we do not get to be close and have intimate experiences with the wildlife, but simply only on their terms.