North Troms/ Lyngen Area

North Troms and Lyngen (Lyngen Alps) is famous among skiers and climbers. Now we want to open up this region for sailing and trekking. Perhaps exploring is more correct. Personaly we enjoy trekking is this area and we invite you to follow the foot-steps of Ivar and Emely’s ancestors.

Reisa National Park

We suggest a visit to the Reisa national park and use a Riverboat to get to the Reisa-vally and Mollis falls. The inhabitants of the region is a mix of Norwegians, Finnish- (Kven) and Sami-people are living peacefully together. You will come close to an interesting population, modern, but still very close to the nature.
Day Trek Route and Activities Sail Route
Saturday Embark your sailing yacht in Tromsø. If the weather is good (for northern lights) we do a night sailing to next destination, Nordlenangen.
Sunday From Nordlenangen a canoe or river boat will take you to the bottom of the fjord. Then you enjoy trekking in beautiful Vaddas Vally. 5-6 hours.

Alternative to climb the mountain Storgalten (1219 m) 5-6 hours

Tromso – Nordlenangen.

5 hours sailing

Monday We are sailing under the Lyngen Alps and make a break at Årøyholmen for lunch and to explore the beautiful island.

You may go for Taffeltinden and start at Strupen and cross over to Koppangen (4-5 hours)

In the afternoon we sail to Havnnes, an authentic and historic trade center – still in operation

Nordlenangen – Årøyholmen


3 hours

Årøyholmen – Havnnes.

1,5 hour

Tuesday Guided tour from Hamneidet to Bakkeby, between beautiful mountains, numerous of nice lakes with possibility to catch your own dinner.

Several summits can be visited for those who wish

(5-6 hours)

The trip may ends with a visit to Fiskarbondens stue, an authentic fisherman’s home, before boarding the yacht

Havnnes – Hamneidet

2 hours

Bakkeby – Sørkjosen.

1,5 hours

Wednesday After breakfast, we take a bus to the beautiful Reisadalen to the place called Bilto. From here you take a Riverboat to the Mollis waterfall, where lunch will be served.

8 Hours

The day ends with a short boat trip and a some night life at Skjervøy?

Sørkjosen – Skjevøy.

(2 hours)

Thursday Today we go to the island Arnøy and the a small village Akkarvik.

Here you go for Trolltinden – 850 m and ends with a surprise in Akkarvik

Skjervøy – Akkarvik.

(2 hours)

Friday The last day will include Karlsøy, Ringvassøy and Reinøya and all of them have excellent trekking possibilities.

(trekking routes from 2 to 6 hours or more)

Akkarvik – Tromsø
Saturday Disembark

Find your map and start planning!

Remember that your yacht can bring you to areas not reachable by other transportation.

Trekking MAPs of Troms is available in 1:50000 and can be purchased via Boreal-Yachting.