Senja and surroundings
Senja is Norway’s second largest island and has fantastic landscape for trekking. The island offers a number of different trekking routes, with different challenges. Senja covers an area of 1590 km, which is about the same size as London; however the population is slightly less, around 15,000. You may also want to visit one or more of the smaller island like Sommarøy, Bjarkøy, Håja, which all have their special uniqueness.

Ånderdalen National Park
Walk the Ånderdalen National Park and explore the diversity of Senja’s natural heritage, the rich flora as well as fauna. You may see moose as well as reindeer, more than 200 different plants, 500 years old pine trees, 90 bird spices and more..

Map of suggested ports

“Norway in miniature”

  • Day 1; Sommerøy
  • Day 2: Hamn (MUST!)
  • Day 3: Bjarkøy (MUST!)
  • Day 4: Sandstrand/Tovika and or Harstad (city to restock)
  • Day 5: One night at anker in Tranøybotn or go to Gisund/Finnsnes (city)
  • Day 6: 6 -7 houres back to Tromsø

North Troms/ Lyngen Area
North Troms and Lyngen (Lyngen Alps) is famous among skiers and climbers. Now we want to open up this region for sailing and trekking. Perhaps exploring is more correct. Personally we enjoy trekking is this area and we invite you to follow the foot-steps of Ivar and Emely’s ancestors.

Reisa National Park
We suggest a visit to the Reisa national park and use a Riverboat to get to the Reisa-vally and Mollis falls. The inhabitants of the region is a mix of Norwegians, Finnish- (Kven) and Sami-people are living peacefully together. You will come close to an interesting population, modern, but still very close to the nature.

Map of suggested ports

  • Day 1; Vengsøy (small fishingvillage)
  • Day 2: Kjerringvika, Hersøya by anchour (picking berries)
  • Day 3: Akkarvika/Arnhamn where you can go trekking to Trolltind
  • Day 4: Pitstop on Skjervøy to stock up then Hamnes (MUST!)
  • Day 5: Nordlenangen
  • Day 6: Back to Tromsø