Senja offers many opportunities with respect to routes and how demanding these are.
Below you find one example on how your sail & trekking week could look like.

For other route proposals please see The website includes detailed descriptions, pictures and can be used for your inspiration.

Route description

Port for the night is marked as bold in the "sail route"


Trek Route

Sail Route



Embark your sailing yacht

Sail from Tromsø to Senja Botnhamn

3 hours sailing


Astridtind. A great walk on Norhern Senja with a spectacular view of Kvaløya and further northwards. Wonderful to do at night, in the light of the midnight sun.

You wake up in Botnhamn and prepare for your first trek.

In the afternoon the yacht continue to Finnsnes


The route is through the national park Ånderdalen, and you start at Tranøybotn walk thru the park via Åndervatnet and Karpervatnet. In Kaperskaret you go east and follow a route to Gjeska, where your yacht will pick you up.

The route gives many good opportunities to climb summits.

7-8 hours in moderate terrain

Start at Tranøybotn Camping

Pick up at Gjeska with Skrolsvik as final destination

2 hours sailing


Sjursviktinden. 4-5 hours starting and ending in Skrolsvik. Moderately steep, good path, very steep going up to the summit.

After the trekking, the yacht takes you to Grundfarnes or Veidmannsbotn.

2 hours sailing


Kongsneshaugen. From the bottom of Grunnfarnes bay a path ascends to Storvatnet (the Great Lake). If you choose to continue up the tree-clad slope you will be rewarded with a magnificent view over Torskenfjord.

5 hours

The ship will pick you up at Kongsneset and from there take you to Hamn

3 hour sailing


The starting point is Indregård the route will bring you over to Senjahopen. This crossing is beautiful, and have optional routes

4-6 hours walking

While you are enjoying breakfast, the yacht will take you to Indregård, about 1 hour sailing from Hamn.

In the afternoon the ship will continue toSommarøy

1,5 hours sailing.


This day you make a last summit on the island Hillesøya where you enjoy view of the ocean, island and the feeling of the Barents Sea. You will also see the profile of the island Håja (the Tromsø cathedral is designed based on this profile)

Return to Tromsø in the afternoon

5 hours sailing

And a pub round perhaps?


Tromsdalstind (1100m)

This is an optional tour for those of you that aren't filled up with impressions after the week of trek & sail


Remember that your yacht can bring you to areas not reachable by other transportation.

Trekking MAPs of Senja are available in 1:25000 (very detailed), 1:50000 the classic map and 1:100000 for planning. You can order these maps through Boreal-Yachting.