Suggested itineraries

A suggested 10 day itinerary with start/stop Tromsø going south to Lofoten
  • Day 1: Tromsø - Ryøya -10 nm - 1st evening
    The island Ryøya is strategically located between Kvaløya and Malangshalvøya approximately 15 km southwest of the city of Tromsø flies. Tidal currents around may reach 8 knots. On Ryøya University of Tromsø, Department of Arctic Biology, deployed around 20 Musks for research for many years.

  • Day 2: Ryøya - Hamn(Senja) 40 nm
    Hamn is an old trading post and a popular tourist destination on the island of Senja in Troms. The place, located in Berg Municipality, has a characteristic location facing the sea. A good restaurant is also located here.

  • Day 3: Hamn - Sortland ca 60 nm
    Sortland is trading centre for Vesterålen. Sortland has several key shopping centers of considerable size. It is known as the blue city as one of the local artists strived to paint the whole town blue, unfortunately the project was not compleeted but most of the town is still blue.

  • Day 4: Sortland - Trollfjord - Skrova 35 nm
    The three-kilometer long Trollfjorden is only about 70 m wide in the mouth, but widens in botnen. Hardly any place in Vesterålen has been so thoroughly photographed, filmed and painted as this 2-km long ax carved in Raftsundet its western row of peaks. When you experience it, you understand why; it is bewitching, narrow and incredibly beautiful - a draw unparalleled in an area that experienced tourism almost before the term became known.

    The fishing village of Skrova located on the northwest side of the archipelago and has 190 inhabitants (2013). The fishing village is famous for its association with Lofotfisket and whaling. There are primary and secondary school, accommodation business and a grocery. A trip up Skrovafjellet is a must(!).

  • Day 5: Skrova - Nusfjord - Reine ca 40 nm
    Nusfjord is one of Norway's oldest and best-preserved villages. Nusfjord has been a fishing village since the mid-1800s. Wooden buildings in Nusfjord was in UNESCO arkitekturvernår (1975) named as one of three pilot projects in Norway, for the preservation and visibility of unique wooden environments.

    Reine is a village and a fishing village in Moskenes Municipality, and has 309 inhabitants. Islands in Reine are linked together by bridges. Reine has been a trading centre since 1743.

  • Day 6: Reine - Henningsvær -/ Svolvær 35 nm
    Henningsvær was mainly populated during the 1700s. This place must have been significant in the past; one of Norway's oldest ski found in a marsh near Henningsvær and are about 2,000 years old. One of the world's richest fishing grounds situated just south of the fishing village and make the place one of Lofoten's most typical fishing village. In the summer months is also tourism is an important industry, and Henningsvær has several lodging and dining options.

  • Svolvaer is a lovely and charming city and the administrative center of Vågan municipality in Nordland. The village Svolvaer has around 4600 inhabitants and is Lofoten's biggest populated place. One of the most famous peaks in Svolvaer is Svolvaergeita, which is Svolvær hallmark and was first climbed in 1910. The oldest settlement in Svolvaer, Upper Weather, situated at the foot of Svolvaergeita in early Bronze Age. Many small shops and a few shopping centres.

  • Day 7: Svolvær - Svellingan - Lødingen ca 40 nm
    Svellingan (or rather Svellingsflaket) is between Svolvaer and Lødingen - an amazing nice group of small islands which we pass on our way northwards.

    Lødingen located southeast of Hinnøya. The village has 1800 inhabitants. Every year many festiavls are arranged here such as the Seafood Festival. With concerts, guests from all over Norway and an interesting selection of seafood, this is the place to be. Here you will find that sailboats from around the country docks and the little town bustles with life and movement.

  • Day8: Lødingen - Finnsnes 70 nm
    Finnsnes received city status 1 January 2000. The city has grown rapidly in recent years and the lack of central sites has led to increased construction of houses and apartment buildings in the past five years, but is still a small and charming place in norwegian scale.

  • Day 9 - Finnsnes - Tromsø 37 nm
    Tromsø is the largest city in Northern Norway, and the ninth largest county in Norway. Since around 1840, the city had the nickname "Paris of the North." As the seat of the Arctic Council, the city with some justification called "the capital of the Arctic". Here you will find everything a big city in international scala can offer.

  • Day 10: Tromsø Check out
Sailing Tromsø - Nordkapp - Tromsø, prox 470 nautical miles in total.
Join us exploring the amazing Norwegian landscape from the coastline, through "The land of the Midnight sun", up north to the northernmost spot of Norway- Nordkapp!
​ ​
A hidden sailing paradise where the fascinating silence rules. The challenges can be many and an amount of adventures is waiting to be spot.
​ ​
The choice is yours - and we will give you other choices if you prefer.

  • Day 1. Sailing distance; Tromsø - Nordlenangen, ca. 35 nm.
    Be known with the boat and locale condition.

  • Day 2.
    Sailing distance; Nordlenangen - Hamneidet (lunch) - Sørkjosen, ca. 34 nm.
    Ashore based activity next day - from the morning
    Visit Nordreisa Nationalpark and Mollisfossen(a well-known waterfall)
    You can be transported with bus from Sørkjosen into Reisadalen (Reisa vally). From here, you travel by riverboats through stunning scenery in with many sights. Mollisfossen is one of Scandinavia highest waterfalls. Lunch can be served by the riverside. Ca 6 hours trip

    Day 3. Sailing distance: Sørkjosen - Jøkelfjorden , ca 30 nm

    After visiting Reisa Nationalpark you head for the unique glacier Isfjordjøkelen.
    Isfjordjøkelen (650mbs) "one and only" land-glacier of Norway, and is the only land-glacier in Europe that still calves into the ocean.

    Day 4. Sailing distance: Jøkelfjord - Hasvik, ca 50 nm.

    Crossing Lopphavet to Sørøya.
    You are facing a part of Barents Ocean, Lopphavet. At the island Loppa, you can anchor up for lunch.

    Day 5. Sailing distance: Hasvik - Hammerfeast, 34 nm

    Sail further north through Sørøysundet, on the inner side or outer side of Sørøya with a lot of nice fjords. Outside if the weather is good or on way back. Before you arriving Hammerfest, you will pass " Snøhvit" ("Snow White"), where Statoil runs their natural gas field. When arriving Hammerfest we go ashore for a nice dinner at Turisstua and enjoy the nice view over the city.

    Day 6. Sailing distance: Hammerfest - North Cape- Honningsvåg ca 75 nm.

    Sail around the most northernly point in the world - North Cape, towards Honningsvåg. You can choice different ways to Northcape.

    Day 7. No sailing - visit North cape with bus/or rent a car

    Visit the top of Europe.

    Day 8. Sailing distance: Honningsvåg - Kvalsundet 64 nm.
    Turning point- we are turning back, heading towards Tromsø.
    Kvalsundet is now ahead of you, and in the area of beautiful Måsøy you can do the lunch and enjoy the nice landscape. If the conditions are on yours side further south, you find a nice and calm bay in Kvalsundet to anchor for the night.

    Day 9. Sailing distance: Kvalsundet - Nusvåg 46 nm.

    We visit the local community Nusvåg.
    Sail through Kvalsundet and Vargsundet (South East of Seiland), passing the south tip of Stjerneøya and keep the course to Nusvåg(a local community, ca 100 inhabitants).

    Day 10. Sailing distance: Nusvåg - Skjervøy 42 nm.

    Fishery center in North Troms
    Sail through a part of Lopphavet as you did on the way north. Stop eating lunch in Segelvika.

    Day 11. Sailing distance: Skjervøy - Havnnes - Årøyholmen 30 nm.

    Lyngenfjorden. We visit Havnnes - an old historic trading centre. After a nice walk in Havnnes, cross over Lyngenfjord against the beautiful Lyngen Alps set course to the anchor spot for the night, Årøyholmen. If the weather condition allows it, we might go ashore for a midnight sun-walk.

    Day 12. Sailing distance: Årøyholmen - Fugløya - Vannvåg 45 nm.
    One of the biggest bird islands in the world.
    Leaving the Lyngen area - while we enjoy the majestic Lyngenalps on a close picture view.
    Pass Lyngstuva and head further out to the sea to Fugløya (if the weather aloud). Sail in to
    Vannvåg (east side of Vannøya) or Torsvåg (west side of Vannøyas for the night.

    Day 13. Sailing distance: Vannvåg/Torsvåg - Skagøysundet (or outside Rebbenesøya)- Vengsøya ca 42 nm

    A beautiful archipelago outside Tromsoe.

    Day 14. Sailing distance: Vengsøya - Kvalsundet - Tromsø 25 nm.

    Back to the home harbor.

    Day 15. Disembarkation from the boat and home travelling .

One week itinerary from Tromsø

Senja and surroundings
Senja is Norway's second largest island and has fantastic landscape for trekking. The island offers a number of different trekking routes, with different challenges. Senja covers an area of 1590 km, which is about the same size as London; however the population is slightly less, around 15,000. You may also want to visit one or more of the smaller island like Sommarøy, Bjarkøy, Håja, which all have their special uniqueness.

Ånderdalen National Park
Walk the Ånderdalen National Park and explore the diversity of Senja's natural heritage, the rich flora as well as fauna. You may see moose as well as reindeer, more than 200 different plants, 500 years old pine trees, 90 bird spices and more..

"Norway in miniature"

  • Day 1; Sommerøy
  • Day 2: Hamn (MUST!)
  • Day 3: Bjarkøy (MUST!)
  • Day 4: Sandstrand/Tovika and or Harstad (city to restock)
  • Day 5: One night at anker in Tranøybotn or go to Gisund/Finnsnes (city)
  • Day 6: 6 -7 houres back to Tromsø

North Troms/ Lyngen Area
North Troms and Lyngen (Lyngen Alps) is famous among skiers and climbers. Now we want to open up this region for sailing and trekking. Perhaps exploring is more correct. Personally we enjoy trekking is this area and we invite you to follow the foot-steps of Ivar and Emely's ancestors.

Reisa National Park
We suggest a visit to the Reisa national park and use a Riverboat to get to the Reisa-vally and Mollis falls. The inhabitants of the region is a mix of Norwegians, Finnish- (Kven) and Sami-people are living peacefully together. You will come close to an interesting population, modern, but still very close to the nature.

  • Day 1; Vengsøy (small fishingvillage)
  • Day 2: Kjerringvika, Hersøya by anchour (picking berries)
  • Day 3: Akkarvika/Arnhamn where you can go trekking to Trolltind
  • Day 4: Pitstop on Skjervøy to stock up then Hamnes (MUST!)
  • Day 5: Nordlenangen
  • Day 6: Back to Tromsø

Plan you route

Here you will find some sailing suggestions and useful tips when planning your trip to Northern Norway. These are meant for inspiration and practical information for one or two weeks charter.

If you want to go on longer voyages or want to sail to Svalbard / Spitsbergen, please contact us for tips and suggestions for your route.

On the charts you will find links to further information about the harbours and places. (Continously updated)

Routes with link for online use

One week charter Tromsø - Tromsø #1

This route takes you from Tromsø and south/west to the islands of Senja and Sommarøy. Distance: 110-140 NM

One week charter Tromsø - Tromsø #2

Tis route takes you from Tromsø and north the famous and spectacular Lyngen alps. Well known for skiing in winter and spring, but also worth a visit in the summer.
Distance approx. 150 NM

One week charter Tromsø - Senja- Tromsø

This route takes you around the island of Senja. It is Norways second-biggest island and said to be a Norway in miniature with deep fjords, mountains and wonderful scenery.
Distance approx. 180 NM

One week charter Svolvær - Svolvær #1

This route takes you to some of the fantastic places on the Lofoten - peninsula.
Distance 100 - 150 NM

One week charter Svolvær - Svolvær #2

This route will take you south to he city of Bodø and back. In between you will visit the wonderful areas of Steigen and Hamarøy. These waters has less traffic than Lofoten but still has a lot to offer both on- and off-shore.
Distance 150 - 200 NM

One week charter Svolvær - Tromsø (or other way)

This route is for you who will have a look at both the Lofoten area and the bigger fjords and mountains around Tromsø.
Distance approx. 170 NM

Two weeks charter Tromsø - North Cape - Tromsø

This route takesyou to the North Cape and back.
Distance approx. 400 NM

Two weeks charter Svolvær - Svolvær

This route will take you from Lofoten, south to the beautiful Helgeland coast and back. Serious sailing and longer distances, but a fantastic journey.
Distance approx. 300 NM

Note: These charts are not meant for navigation purposes. All practical info are based on knowledge from our own visits and the Norwegian Cruising Guide. Distances are all approximate.

General info:

  • Northern Norway has not many big marinas or infrastructure for sailors except in the cities. But we guarantee that you are most welcome in all harbours and boat clubs!
  • All harbours in our route suggestions are well protected and suitable for all our boats. Most of them are floating piers but also some anchorages and fixed quays.
  • Many of the boat clubs has a "honesty box" for payment of harbour fee. Use them.
  • Water and diesel are available several places. Ask in the local grocery store or at the fish factorys.
  • Local people are friendly and are happy to welcome sailors. Please ask for permission if using private quays.
  • Most of the suggested harbours and anchorages in these routes are well covered in the Norwegian Cruising Guide wich can be found on board our boats. It is also possible to download as e-book for use on portable devices.