About Boreal Yachting

This year Boreal Yachting is having it's 10 years anniversary and we are proud to say we feel highly regarded among all our customers. Last year Boreal Yachting facilitated more than 7200 guest nights in our yachts.

Boreal Yachting provides adventuress journeys based on a combination of marine and land based activities in Northern Norway. The area is spectacular and the geography makes it perfect for sailing. We have a fleet of 13 modern sail yachts enabling adventures all year around. We operate out of Tromsø at 69 degrees North, and during the summer we have an additional base in Lofoten.

We would like to invite you to our paradise; Lofoten, Lyngen, North Cape and Svalbard. As devoted sailors we want to share adventures as well as experiences in arctic sailing with you. The sailors we meet here are very passionate and careful people which reflect the stunning surroundings. We want to share our local knowledge as well as our high quality and comfortable boats, specially equipped for sailing in arctic waters.

Sailing in the arctic
Sailing in the arctic Norway, is a unique and special adventure. The city Tromsø is situated in the centre "The Arctic Norway" and is the perfect starting point for polar expeditions as well as shorter and more relaxing journeys in the arctic Norway.

The arctic Norway reaches from the Lofoten peninsula to the NorthCape as the most northern point of Europe. In the middle, you find Lyngen, the skiers paradise with hundreds of mountains to climb or ski. The artic Norway consist of thousands of islands, sheltered fjords, open seas and steep mountains. In-short, perfect for sailing and for the combination of sailing, ski, hiking, wild animal observation, climbing, fishing and more - or just getting taken by the beauty of the nature.

For those of you wanting real expeditions you may look to Svalbard and Spitsbergen. Boreal Yachting has extensive sailing experiences on Svalbard.

Ivar & Emely Bertelsen, the founders of Boreal Yachting