Join us exploring the amazing Norwegian landscape from the coastline, through “The land of the Midnight sun”, up north to the northernmost spot of Norway- Nordkapp!

A hidden sailing paradise where the fascinating silence rules. The challenges can be many and an amount of adventures is waiting to be spot.

The choice is yours – and we will give you other choices if you prefer.

  • Day 1. Sailing distance; Tromsø – Nordlenangen, ca. 35 nm.
    Be known with the boat and locale condition.
  • Day 2. Sailing distance; Nordlenangen – Hamneidet (lunch) – Sørkjosen, ca. 34 nm.
    Ashore based activity next day – from the morning
    Visit Nordreisa Nationalpark and Mollisfossen(a well-known waterfall)
    You can be transported with bus from Sørkjosen into Reisadalen (Reisa vally). From here, you travel by riverboats through stunning scenery in with many sights. Mollisfossen is one of Scandinavia highest waterfalls. Lunch can be served by the riverside. Ca 6 hours trip
  • Day 3. Sailing distance: Sørkjosen – Jøkelfjorden , ca 30 nm
    After visiting Reisa Nationalpark you head for the unique glacier Isfjordjøkelen.
    Isfjordjøkelen (650mbs) “one and only” land-glacier of Norway, and is the only land-glacier in Europe that still calves into the ocean.
  • Day 4. Sailing distance: Jøkelfjord – Hasvik, ca 50 nm.
    Crossing Lopphavet to Sørøya.
    You are facing a part of Barents Ocean, Lopphavet. At the island Loppa, you can anchor up for lunch.
  • Day 5. Sailing distance: Hasvik – Hammerfeast, 34 nm
    Sail further north through Sørøysundet, on the inner side or outer side of Sørøya with a lot of nice fjords. Outside if the weather is good or on way back. Before you arriving Hammerfest, you will pass ” Snøhvit” (“Snow White”), where Statoil runs their natural gas field. When arriving Hammerfest we go ashore for a nice dinner at Turisstua and enjoy the nice view over the city.
  • Day 6. Sailing distance: Hammerfest – North Cape- Honningsvåg ca 75 nm.
    Sail around the most northernly point in the world – North Cape, towards Honningsvåg. You can choice different ways to Northcape.
  • Day 7. No sailing – visit North cape with bus/or rent a car
    Visit the top of Europe.
  • Day 8. Sailing distance: Honningsvåg – Kvalsundet 64 nm.
    Turning point- we are turning back, heading towards Tromsø.Kvalsundet is now ahead of you, and in the area of beautiful Måsøy you can do the lunch and enjoy the nice landscape. If the conditions are on yours side further south, you find a nice and calm bay in Kvalsundet to anchor for the night.
  • Day 9. Sailing distance: Kvalsundet – Nusvåg 46 nm.
    We visit the local community Nusvåg.
    Sail through Kvalsundet and Vargsundet (South East of Seiland), passing the south tip of Stjerneøya and keep the course to Nusvåg(a local community, ca 100 inhabitants).
  • Day 10. Sailing distance: Nusvåg – Skjervøy 42 nm.
    Fishery center in North Troms
    Sail through a part of Lopphavet as you did on the way north. Stop eating lunch in Segelvika.
  • Day 11. Sailing distance: Skjervøy – Havnnes – Årøyholmen 30 nm.
    Lyngenfjorden. We visit Havnnes – an old historic trading centre. After a nice walk in Havnnes, cross over Lyngenfjord against the beautiful Lyngen Alps set course to the anchor spot for the night, Årøyholmen. If the weather condition allows it, we might go ashore for a midnight sun-walk.
  • Day 12. Sailing distance: Årøyholmen – Fugløya – Vannvåg 45 nm.
    One of the biggest bird islands in the world.
    Leaving the Lyngen area – while we enjoy the majestic Lyngenalps on a close picture view.
    Pass Lyngstuva and head further out to the sea to Fugløya (if the weather aloud). Sail in to
    Vannvåg (east side of Vannøya) or Torsvåg (west side of Vannøyas for the night.
  • Day 13. Sailing distance: Vannvåg/Torsvåg – Skagøysundet (or outside Rebbenesøya)- Vengsøya ca 42 nm
    A beautiful archipelago outside Tromsoe.
  • Day 14. Sailing distance: Vengsøya – Kvalsundet – Tromsø 25 nm.
    Back to the home harbor.
  • Day 15. Disembarkation from the boat and home travelling .