Northern Light hunting and Whale watching trips

Sailing in the north, in the arctic Norway, is a unique and special adventure. The city Tromsø is situated in the centre of "The Arctic Norway" and is the perfect starting point for experiencing the wild and authentic nature of the north. Join Boreal Yachting for a week or weekend watching whales by day, hunting for the northern light by night, enjoying good food and visiting breathtaking locations on the way.

By day - Whale Watching (Oct - Jan)

During the winter season we are invaded by various whales feeding themselves on herring and other fishes. Scientist estimated the number of humpback whales in the Tromsø area to be more than one thousand.

In a sail yacht you can get incredibly close to these fantastic animals using sails instead of engine, and they are practically only one arm length away. Whales are curious creatures and will often come and say hello as they see the yacht as a potential new "buddy".

By night - The Northern Light (Sep - Apr)

To see the Northern Lights is a spectacular experience. Tromsø is located in the middle of the Northern Lights zone and our sailboats are the perfect place to get a closer look without the light pollution in the city centre.

Each appearance of the northern lights is unique. Often you see three green bands across the night sky. Or the lights come as flickering curtains orrollingsmoke. The colour is a luminous green, often with a hint of pink along the edge, and occasionally with a deep violet centre. If there is a lot of activity up there, the northern lights explode for a minute or two in a corona. The next minute it is all over, and you ask yourself whether this was real or just a dream.

We Offer

  • One week tour in comfortable modern sailboats in your personal berth (2 berth cabins)
  • Enjoy high quality local fresh food prepared on board
  • Sail with experienced and locally known skippers
  • Modern yachts with all safety equipment available on board
  • Airport pick-up & drop
  • For those who enjoy sailing there are plenty of opportunities to practice sailing during the trip
  • Team spirit and great friendships develops in sharing great experiences as well as daily activities on board
Our goal is also to let our guests experiencing the local culture and eat high quality local food. Our skippers have a unique knowledge of the area and will be able to take you to breathtaking locations, secret hideaways and local happenings.

The main season for northern light (Aurora Borealis) is from September thru April. The season for whales is mainly from October to January.

This is a trip for anyone who are interested in the wonders of nature, and does not require any pre-sailing experience.

Boreal Yachting also arrange day trips for Whale Wathing and evening/night trips hunting for the Northern Liight.

Contact us directly for a price and availability.