To Svalbard with skipper and guide

 You will experience the rich bird- and animal life, combined with enormous glaciers and stunning scenery of Svalbard. This is a dream for all nature lovers and photographers. The geological history of Svalbard can be read in every mountain we pass and reminders of ancient creatures like Predator X and historical elements for the last 400 years can be found over the whole archipelago.

The yacht is your home and we comfortably sail to new destinations every day. Along the way we watch out for whales, walruses, polar bears and the extraordinary rich bird life and stop at interesting places. The skipper & guide will plan the journey together with you.

We spend much time a shore. Polar bear is a natural part of the habitat, and we, as human beings need to accept that we are guest on their land and behave accordingly. The guide will ensure that you are safe during land expeditions and the skipper will take you safely throughout the sea journey. Sleeping on the yacht eliminates the risk of a hungry visitor during night.

 Food is one of the most important feel good factors. During the trip, we prepare high quality courses based on the best available supplies. And maybe the skipper has paid a visit to one of Europe's best wine cellars that just happen to be in one of the many mines of Longyearbyen.The Norwegian chef Adolf Lindstrøm was considered to be an important success factor for Arctic expeditions around 1900.
Boreal Yachting proudly maintains this tradition.

We arrange

  • Comfortable, modern yacht
  • Experienced skipper and guide with local knowledge
  • High quality local fresh food prepared on board and beverages (not alcohol)
  • Fuel, gas, and harbor fees
  • Bed linen & Towels
  • Extensive security equipment
  • Rifle and other polar bear protection equipment
  • SAR insurance (search and rescue insurance) for the area you want to visit

A two weeks tour to Leidefjorden (example on a route)

Sailing route


Day 1

Embarking the yacht in Longyearbyen

Set-off For Trygghamna

Get familiar with the yacht and practical information.

Security briefing

Day 2

Sailing up Forlandsundet

to 14.Juli Bukta

Visit the bird mountain, and beautiful glacier fronts.

Watching for walruses

Day 3


Trekking trip to one of the glaciers

Visit Graveneset to view ancient graveyard

Day 4


Visit the famous place where Andrè set of with his balloon trip attempting to cross the north pole

Day 5


The largest whale station in the 1600

Day 6


A very beautiful fjord that deserves time.

Trekking to Texas Bar

Exploring the Monaco glacier

Day 7

Mushamna -Woodfjorden

Visit the surroundings, including a modern trappers hut

Day 8

Alicehamna - Raudfjord

Good harbour in a spectacular fjord

Day 9


Lillehöökfjord & Krossfjord

Trekking or mountain climbing.

Visit the Lillehöök glacier

Visit Lloyds hotel

Day 10


Trekking; Traversing the mountain to New London

Day 11


Exploring the place

Day 12

Ny Ålesund

Visit the "town"

Day 13


Last stop before we reach civilisation

Day 14