Spitsbergen and Svalbard -the ultimate dream

Right in the middle of the Arctic Sea, between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole, you will find a special gathering of islands; Svalbard. The only natural way to move around in the Svalbard and Spitsbergen islands is the sea way. Boreal Yachting has therefore equipped 4 of our yachts specially for Svalbard expeditions.

Crossing the Norwegian Sea / Barents Sea as well as sailing in the Svalbard region requires that the crew, skipper and yacht are well prepared. With many years of experience from sailing in the region, we welcome you to experience this fantastic arctic area. In addition, we help you to plan and organise for a safe and secure trip on an individual basis.

Boreal Yachting offers the following:

Chartered tours for groups and individuals

We welcome individuals or groups to participate in organised Svalbard trips.

Our mantra is "Smaller groups, bigger experience". We take on board up to 6 guests per yacht and we are flexible to take into account personal interests and external sceneries. It gives us excellent opportunities to enjoy wildlife and visit places where the larger boats cannot go. The yachts serve as a base camp for hiking trips, for observation of mammals and birds.

Each trip is planned in close collaboration with our guests.

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Svalbard Ski & Sail

During end of May/beginning of June we organise ski&sail trips out of Longyearbyen. This trips is one week trips to the west part of Spitsbergen, especially the mountains on Prins Karls Forland, Kongsfjorden and St. Johnsfjorden.

Ski& Sail trips are guided by an experienced and internationally authorised ski guide.

Maximum 6 guests per yacht

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Bare Boat Hire

This is a regulair bare boat charter, where you either pick- up the yacht in Tromsø or in Longyearbyen. The hiring period is from one week and upwards. The skipper and co-skipper must have arctic experience and we offer all our expertise in the planning and executing of this expeditions.

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